The Key to Health & Happiness

By: Genia

The Key To Health

(Micro-organism reduction diet.)

Micro-organisms, (fungus, yeast, flukes, bacteria, parasites, protozoa, germs, virus, etc.) are present, in excess, in all disease. These micro-organisms eat other micro-organisms. Many foods contain a high content of micro-organisms.

Organisms such as worms and parasites live, repoduce, eat, expell waste matter, and die inside us. Micro-ogranisms eat the parasites' putrefaction.

If you stop eating the foods which have lots of organisms in them, you can starve the disease organisms out of your body. "Fungus eats fungus" is the basis of disease, and starving the disease organisms out of the body by depriving them of other organisms is the easy and painless way to be healthy.

When we eliminate all "fungus-filled" or "micro-organism-filled" foods from our diet, we are left with only meat and vegetables. This diet is the key to health. The beauty of this fresh food self-healing diet is that we can eat big normal meals with meat and potatoes, and lots of cooked vegetables and butter, and become healthy.

Foods with a high micro-organism content, which should be avoided.

Yeast: a fungus, in bread, crackers, pita bread, flat bread, breakfast cereals, brewer's yeast, hydrolyzed yeast (Spike, vegesel, etc.), crystallized yeast (vitamin pills), beer, wine, alcoholic beverages, dog food.

Yeast gut disease: certain foods can cause yeast gut disease. (alcoholic beverage not required to have symptoms)

Beans: (dried or aged) chocolate, vanilla, carob, cocoa, tofu, soy sauce, peanuts (nodules of bacteria Rhizobium), dried beans, tempeh, miso, soy protein powder, soy oil, soy milk, lecithin, Dr. Bronner's, and Paul Bragg's Amino Acids, etc.

Mushrooms: tree fungus, truffles, spirolina, (algae), edible mushrooms, komboucha.

Fermented and cultured foods: alcoholic beverages, wine, vinegar, yogurt, cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, poi, sauerkraut, sour dough, soda, etc.

Aged and Dried Foods: raisin, prunes, all dried fruit, dried seaweed, Worcestershire sauce, A-1 sauce, dried teas, pistachio nuts, etc.

Citric acid: a fungus grown in a factory, and added to most manufactured foods and drinks. Vitamin C, D, B and Riboflavin are also made from fungus.

Malt and crystal malt, and other highly refined grain products.

Spices are not food, but are classified as stimulants. Stimulating the glands makes it more difficult to practice a healthy and natural life-style, as described in the last paragraph of the text. Ginger, cayenne, peppers, garlic, onion, nutmeg and cinnamon and spices are all aphrodisiacs.

Rancid food: as in wheat, if it is not fresh, and oil if it is not cold pressed and fresh.

Sweets: Although not high in fungus themselves, sweets and carbohydrates are eaten by fungus just as honey is eaten by ants. "Sweets" includes everything that tastes sweet: fruit, honey, sugar, maple syrup, molasses, corn syrup, fructose, lactose, saccharin, Nutra-sweet, bee pollen, rice cream, concentrated pear juice, carrot juice, cooked fruit juices, fruit rolls, etc. Carbohydrates are eaten by some fungus (mushrooms eat carbohydrates), and cause the same problems (insulin release and obesity) as sweets.

Processed Agrarian Foods: some people by heredity are allergic to starches and grains and/or dairy products.

Putrefaction: in rotten food, backed up in the system. This is caused by foods "constipating in texture", IE.: peanut butter, nut butters, nuts and seeds, poi, popcorn, sesame tahine, cheese, chocolate, refined starches, grains, pastry, pasta, sticky rice, sticky sweet potatoes, under cooked potatoes of all kinds, hot cereals, grits, caramel, fig newtons, sticky candies, taffy, toffee, pectin, agar, agar agar, agar gum, carrots, carrageen, bean gum, gellan gum, gluten from grains, casein from dairy products etc. Nutrients cannot be absorbed through intestines that are coated with foods "constipating in texture". Any thing that sticks to the pan, the bowl, or the roof of your mouth, will tend to stick inside of you. When the body is not clogged with an excess of sticky foods, refined starches (paste) and its accompanying micro-organisms, the vitamins and minerals from fresh foods are more easily absorbed, and provide everything we need for health. As we finally become nutritionally complete we need less food and feel less hungry.

Fungi breed more quickly in hot humid conditions, but it usually takes three days for food that is "constipating in texture" to back up, become infested, and cause a fever, headache, sore throat, congestion, diarrhea, or cause whatever your particular infection is, to flare up. Even when most food is passing through the intestines, some of it sticks along the edges and is the breeding ground for germs.

Daily intake of fungus foods like yeast and beans will raise the organism level so high in the body that allergic reactions will occur immediately. For example, when breathing in mold, the mold feeds existing fungus (or microbes) built up in the lungs and causes them to rapidly reproduce, blocking air from getting through.

Bee stings contain a highly-concentrated honey-like substance which feeds existing internal micro-organisms so they rapidly reproduce and can cause swelling in the entire body.

When organisms eat their preferred diet of other organisms or sweets and carbohydrates, they reproduce very rapidly (a virus can invade a cell and 300 more will come out in twenty minutes, and some bacteria can reproduce itself more than 70 million times in one day) and become too prevalent, taking over an area, then swelling, weight gain, pain, itch, bleeding, discharge, congestion, numbness, malfunction, sores, cancer or tumors become apparent. But when you lower the organism level by starving them out, all these conditions go away.

Common cold and flu germs are able to reproduce themselves inside us only to the extent that they can find a breeding ground in the rotten matter and excess organisms within. These common cold germs help "clean us out", and let us know we're not eating right. Avoiding cold germs too fanatically could allow rotten matter to build up too much, and lead to a worse disease.

The best immediate treatment for extreme illness is an enema. In the case of high fever, respiratory distress, or seizures, an enema will bring immediate relief. Chicken soup with lots of vegetables is good. Well-cooked vegetables make the most perfect, gentle and nutritious intestinal cleanser, making all other treatments except the emergency enema unnecessary.

Micro-organisms can survive the so-called "acid barrier" in the stomach the same way "oral antibiotics" can. When we take anti-biotics in pill form it manages to get through the stomach acid and destroy the "staph" in our toe, for instance.

Using "medicine fungus" like penicillin or algae, may kill off certain problem fungus (pathogens) like staph, for example, and can be beneficial in the short term, but will add to the overall fungus in the system, contributing to possible further disease, as the penicillin or algae fungus die and become food for a new colony of fungus (or bacteria, germs, virus, etc.) All drugs and chemicals have harmful side effects. Vitamin and mineral supplements are made from crystallized fungus and non-food substances which feed microscopic fungus and cause swelling on the smallest level, including in the walls of the blood veins. As the walls swell, constriction causes the blood to rush and gives the illusion of energy. The subsequent vascular collapse, along with stressful flushing to expel them, make these supplements harmful and addictive. Also these ultra-small crystallized vitamin pill fungi are a perfect size food for the ultra-small cancer virus. Bran, psyllium, laxatives, and dried herbs are not food and are too harsh. Colloidal clay is not food and is too sticky. Wheat grass is too concentrated. Fasting and colonics are too temporary. Lifelong health can be achieved by eating fresh non-"micro-organism-filled" foods only.

Foods good to eat

Fresh cooked vegetables: All fresh cooked vegetables are good; carrots, cabbage, broccoli, artichokes, etc. You can eat fresh green beans or fresh soy beans instead of dried beans, and fresh corn instead of dried grains. Cook vegetables until very tender and remove all course fiber, stems, and strings, etc.

Fresh peeled potatoes,yams, light squash like zucchini or summer squash, well-cooked and prepared so they aren't dense or sticky. They can be added to soup or stew, or mashed to a soft consistency. Potatoes can be baked with the skin on, but don't eat the skin. Potatoes can help in the transition away from carbohydrates.

Fresh meat, poultry, fish, and eggs. (no nitrates or nitrites)

Fresh milk, butter, and cream.

Fresh herbs.

Ideally, when we are perfectly healthy, we can eat some tree ripened fruit, but most fruit is picked early and disturbs the system. Also, because of a lifetime of abuse, most people have an intolerance to sweets and acids, and fruit can aggravate a disease or overweight condition, and cause fermentation in the digestive tract, increase infection and cause bleeding and pain. Also because fruit is quickly digested, eating fruit or fruit juice after meals causes all the food in the stomach to pass through too quickly, still not digested. Undigested food in the intestines backs up and will putrefy. Putrefied food contains a high content of micro-organisms.

Also, cold drinks, ice water, and ice cream will interfere with digestion if eaten after meals, because digestion requires heat. Vegetables are the "herbs" given to us by nature as medicine for healing. And they should be cooked until tender and eaten with butter on them. Do not use a microwave oven. Raw vegetables are harder to chew and less filling, harder to absorb nutrients from, and can be abrasive to a diseased colon and hard to swallow and pass through.

When the intake of "organism-filled" food is reduced and the overall level of fungus (microbes of any kind, bacteria, germs, virus, white blood cells, etc.) in the body is reduced, the disease and excess organisms diminish until harmless. The so-called useful organisms in the body become less in number and less necessary, because they were useful only to digest the wrong foods that are no longer being eaten.

If your organism intake and level are low, you can be exposed to a disease and not "catch it". Pathogens and germs (even AIDS) can remain latent in your body without ever creating a problem (symptoms), because they never are nourished enough to disrupt anything. Hereditary tendencies can be overcome in the same way. Weak areas and old injuries will not be attacked or stressed when the body does not have an excess of micro-organisms invading it.

"Fungi lean toward an animal lifestyle in that they consume other organisms for nutrition, since, unlike plants, they can't produce their own food." (National Geographic)

The DNA of fungus is much like that of humans, leading to the recent discovery that fungus is an animal, not a vegetable. So when you think you are a vegetarian and you eat yeast and dried beans, you are actually eating thousands of little animals. These one-celled animals are more readily and easily ingested by the one-celled foreign organisms in your body than, say, a piece of meat from a cow, which, when fresh, does not have many organism in it. When meat is aged for several weeks in big refrigerators to tenderize it, organisms do start to grow in the meat, and trace amounts of antibiotics and hormones can sometimes be found, but the organism content is very low compared to fermented foods like soy sauce, which is aged for many months, or bread which is half yeast.

Metabolism or "digestive fire" comes from the vital energy that can be conserved by practicing celibacy. Because the natural cycle for reproduction is monthly, experiencing the reproductive act more than once a month depletes the body of vital fluid, (spinal fluid drops, brain drains, seed weakens), and body heat. This body heat contributes to the digestive fire. If we live the way nature intended, and eat foods that come from nature, we will be happy and healthy.

The Key To Happiness

Semen takes 3 1/2 weeks to mature. Only one egg per month is released in the female.

Just as the moon influences the ocean and moves the tides, the moon influences our bodies and governs our reproductive cycle. All animals in nature have a mating season or "heat", only humans think they know more than the moon and do the mating act more than the natural amount.

A human female's "heat" is the one fertile day in the 28 day cycle. It comes within a 3 day "window" in the middle of the 28 day cycle. The first day of the 28 day cycle is the first day of menstruation. The 14th day of the 28 day cycle is the fertile day. Our bodies are designed to make a baby only once a month, and experiencing the reproductive act more than once a month is not what the body is designed to do. As we abuse this function, we deplete our bodies of vital fluid, and we dilute and weaken our egg and sperm by releasing them when they were immature. Our bodies are drained an unnatural amount trying to bring the seed and egg back up to a vital level. When the semen is diluted too much and not allowed to mature the natural amount of time (25 days) or overstimulation causes more than one egg to drop down, then babies may result who have Down Syndrome, autism, retardation, physical disabilities, etc.

It's good to tell young people that, although they may be tempted to experiment with sexual feelings, to always remember that the strength and health of themselves and of their children depend on the strength and health of their seed and egg. Therefore it is good to try to control these urges as much as possible, and not to waste vital energy. Try to provide children with lots of sports and activities, friends and distractions, and total supervision, so they will not have idle, lonely time on their hands . And explain that sexual feelings are healthy and meant to be there, but we must follow nature (as shown by the moon and the menstrual cycle) to reproduce in the very best way.

When we save up our semen and eggs they become very mature and the baby born will be healthy. Brothers and sisters can vary from genius to retarded. This is because the strength and level of vitality and maturity of the semen and the egg at conception determine what the baby is like. Hereditary influence goes back several generations and also affects the baby, and of course so do other factors like the diet and health of the parents, toxins in the environment, etc. but 90% of the determinate is the seed and egg at the time of conception, according to how strong, mature, and vital they are.

Most religions urge people to stay pure until the marriage night, and to stay faithful during marriage, for very scientific reasons. Because men don't feel the natural cycle in their bodies and they don't menstruate, they must rely on their wives to regulate them. People are just like other animals, in that they also have an optimum mode of procreation .

The man's semen is what determines whether you'll have a boy or girl baby. Semen saved up has the most amount of males.If you have been abusing nature's reproductive plan by ejaculating or having sex more than once a month, please realize that your seed and egg are weak and you should conserve and strengthen them a minimum of three months before conceiving a child, and ideally, conserve as a life-long practice.

Women can reproduce only once a month, whereas men can reproduce at any moment. Marriage is designed to connect the man into the natural, healthy lifestyle, in tune with the moon also. Most religions teach marriage and morality as a way to happiness. The scientific reason for this is that the vital fluid, that puts your life force into your reproductive egg and seed, is manufactured at great expense to your body and is a much more precious fluid than blood. Using it up more than the natural amount (once monthly), drains your entire body of its entire life force.

Coaches for most sports recommend some degree of celibacy for their athletes, for a very good reason. Masters and Johnson discovered that the spinal fluid drops when ejaculation occurs. The brain therefore is deprived of the fluid which helps it to make connections. Pressure increases, interpreting out as "stress" by the unsuspecting abuser, and depression literally happens. The brain actually is depressed as the fluid which sustains it ebbs away. Mental intelligence diminishes when connections cannot be made. Lots of male animals become very beligerent and combative during mating season, and the same thing can happen to humans.

The heat which is "horniness" is actual heat generated by, and lost by, the body. As the fire in us diminishes an un-natural amount, from un-natural activity (beyond monthly sex), our digestive heat decreases and our metabolism slows. As we lose the ability to digest and eliminate, we absorb less nutrients and gain more weight.

A man needs to have faith in the fact that his wife's cycle is natural and correct, and it behooves him to join it. He should never eat garlic or onion, spices, hot sauce, curry, cinnamon, etc., because these burny foods burn and stimulate the glands and make him horny. He will prefer to stay on the monthly cycle because he knows that his happiness depends on it. And some day he'll be even more happy when he follows the bigger cycle, because actually a couple can conceive a baby only once a year!

When the Bible says "the sins of the fathers are visited upon their children for four generations", this means simply that the strength of our seed is determined by our reproductive actions (morality), and the actions of our ancestors. Some people are born with very strong heredity and seem to be able to abuse the natural law, but most of us will quickly see its effects.

Ever since the Sexual Revolution the divorces are rampant and so many children have become half orphans. As we drain ourselves and our mate beyond the natural amount, we draw back from that person for survival. What we think of as an act of love, is actually very destructive to our partner and the abuse of it causes most couples to break up. When our Victorian grandparents slept in separate bedrooms, almost nobody divorced. Even better, we can lock into the natural way and enjoy a healthy long-lasting and enjoyable marriage, much to the benefit and joy of the children, who always prefer to have both parents in the home, if they can be happy, and they can be, when they aren't drained.

When you discover that garlic, onion and spices are stimulants, not food, you realize that for a long time people have been stimulating themselves into an unnatural horniness. Sex sells in advertising so we have allowed a constant barrage of sexuality in our lives. Children are left unattended and we believe the magazines that say sex is a sport. Meanwhile, half the marriages end in divorce and half the children have only one parent. The Sexual Revolution is not working for the family.

Weak and immature semen and eggs are the cause of almost all birth defects and congenital disease, abnormalities, weakness, stupidity, malfunction, Down Syndrome, autism, etc. Strong and mature semen and eggs create big healthy babies and geniuses. If the natural time span for mating is monthly, the change-over from female to male semen could be interrupted by ejaculation too often. Perhaps this is why many people are "caught in the middle" of female and male. The seed didn't have time to complete the change! Going beyond the monthly reproductive method produces more homosexuals and pro-creation winds down. Nature's way of ending procreation would be to have people attracted to the same sex and not able to make a baby with that person.

When puberty begins and teenagers experience sexual energy loss, they will experience low metabolism, (acne), low energy, scattered thinking, and depression. So many teen suicides could be avoided if the kids had been taught the tremendous importance of their vital fluid and been diverted to physical exercise they enjoy and fun activities, and taught that pornography is detrimental. And taught that they will feel better and happier and be more attractive, and have healthier babies, if they save their seed.

Because it takes a month to replenish the seed and eggs with the body's vitality (the seed and egg are a reflection of that vitality), we feel the effects of energy loss up to two to three weeks after the sex act. When we are feeling that "drain", its an illusion that sex makes us feel better. A heroin addict feeling the discomfort of "withdrawals" will "feel better" when he has more heroin, but in the long run the drug will be diminishing him. Feeling better is not the goal, getting better is. Exciting the sexual energy up again gives us a temporary up-welling of energy, but after several days the drain of sex is felt again. You have to abstain a month, mark the calendar, abstain another month and watch your moods carefully. Two to three days after sex the headaches will start, the arguments begin and the dark circles will appear under your eyes.

Very often men are more affected by energy loss than women, because they usually have a more complete orgasm. The more you have sex with a person, the more likely he or she is to become intolerant, violent, depressed, nervous, suicidal, deranged, schizophrenic, bipolar, unfaithful (in order to maintain the unnaturally high level of stimulation it is necessary to keep changing partners for some people) alcohol and drug addicted, have a low sperm count, or become completely sterile. Women perpetuate violence against themselves by continuing to have sex with the man who abuses them. They think they are helping the relationship, but they're actually making it worse.

When people try and try to have a baby and can't, it's because their seed is too weak from trying too much and not waiting until fertile day. Very often after couples adopt a baby and stop trying, conception occurs, because they have finally allowed the semen to become vital, mature, and plentiful enough.

Celibate people are very "glowy" and attractive to others. A dull pasty aura is the result of energy loss. When the brain fluid ebbs, the eyes sink back into the head, causing wrinkles and a dark aura around the eyes.

Sometimes people who have vasectomies or their "tubes tied" (or blocked by infection or at birth) accumulate lots of vital fluid and have the increased mental power of celibate people but not necessarily the character and integrity that comes from abstinence by will power. These people can use that power to control people and take their money, and often do. Beware of people who seem "holy" but they charge money for some supposedly spiritual service. The truth is free and belongs to everybody.

Conservation of vital fluid through celibacy is the key to happiness. This inner life force is called "mana" by the Hawaiians. A Hawaiian "kahuna" or "holy man" had to be celibate for five years before he could begin training. If this vital force, which can make a living child, is used in the correct and natural way, our "mana" (vital energy) grows, and we attain inner happiness and peace.

Sperm travels down this spiral tube for 3 1/2 weeks to become mature. If ejaculation occurs before 3 1/2 weeks, the ones in the middle move up to the front. When way too many of the mature sperm is sent out too soon, sometimes the weak or disintegrating sperm can win the race up to the egg and damaged babies can be born.

All sperm start out as female, and during the journey down the spiral tube, about half of them turn into males. If ejaculation occurs before 3 1/2 weeks, the ones in the middle move up to the front. These sperm have not completely changed over and sometimes create babies that are "half way" between female and male IE: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. These babies can otherwise be well-formed, strong, healthy and intelligent ,but have this one difference.


Hawaiian Taro

Hawaiian Taro Leaf can be poisonous (If not cooked for 24 hours in an imu)

Hawaiian taro leaf is very full of oxalates, a poisonous crystal that causes 70% of kidney stones. Kidney stones can cause kidney failure, then death. Xanthosoma taro leaf has less oxalates and is eaten all over the world. It is steamed or boiled, somtimes squeezed and re-boiled. It may be the solution to the problem of kidney failure in Hana.

"An excess of oxalates may lead to the formation of renal calculi and renal failure" (p.846 Mosby's Medical, Nursing, and Allied Health Dictionary)

Xanthosoma Sagittifolium (Genia, 2016)

Prolene Stitches

Prolene "dissolvable" stitches don't dissolve and Prolene permanent stitches are not permanent! PLASTIC IS A FOREIGN OBJECT. In 2007 a Prolene permanent suture was tied across my pelvic floor during a hysterectomy.

In the past fourteen months I have removed over 2,000 small, almost microscopic, colored plastic fibers from my scalp. These tiny fragments are turquoise blue, dark blue, and red. Some colorless fibers are sometimes intertwined with the color fibers. The turquoise blue fibers are the exact same color as the Prolene Permanent suture made by Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson.

I think the dark blue and red fibers are woven inside the turquoise fibers, giving the suture its distinctive "glowy" look. The Prolene mesh has three layers, maybe the suture does also, but the suture looks turquoise, and so do most of the fibers coming out of my scalp. Six months after surgery I started to feel pain in the pelvic area. The Doctor did an exam and said everything seemed OK. I thought that losing weight would help to take pressure off the area. I started exercising hard, drinking lots of fluids, and eating less. I lost 24 pounds over the next six months. A sore came up on my shoulder, it was cancer! It felt like something coming out of my skin, but the Doctor cut it out even though it was healing! Then some bumps appeared on my scalp and the first ones had sand-like granules under the skin. I later found out that these hard particles may have been granules of bone marrow sent out by the lymph system. After that, raised sores have come up continuously on my scalp, usually totaling five to ten at all times. Once, in the beginning, my entire part line was raised and painful. It slowly opened up, sore after sore, to release plastic fibers, and then it healed up perfectly.

Many of the sores have completely healed, and some are on-going, but none have become infected. I saturate my head with oil every day and night, usually Baby Oil because it doesn't sting my eyes. I cut my hair very short and stay home a lot. My clothes and bedding are always oily and the whole process is painful and isolating. But at least I know what is happening to me, and that I am getting healthier each time a fiber comes out. I comb my hair with a sharp fine-toothed comb and debride the scabs, which is easier to do when they are soaked in oil. Embedded in the scabs, or under them, are the colored fibers, which catch in the comb. I use a needle and magnifier to transfer the fibers to containers. I have kept all the fibers so I can prove they came from the Prolene suture. I believe that the Morgellon syndrome is plastic sutures being ejected from the body by the lymph system through the skin.

Why is it so difficult to identify the plastic fibers that are coming out of thousands of people? Perhaps because Johnson and Johnson would not want people to know that their so-called permanent sutures and meshes can be broken down by the lymph system and moved around the body. Doctors tell Morgellon sufferers that they are crazy. Research goes nowhere. Is this a cover-up? Did Morgellon's begin, and cancer increase, with the use of plastic sutures? What ever happened to cat gut? A Doctor told me "there is no known substance that can break down the Prolene stitch". But the ocean water can break down any plastic, and there's a swirl of plastic fragments that is the size of Texas out in the middle of the ocean, to prove it. The saline content in our bodies is similar to ocean water.

My goal is for Morgellon sufferers to understand what is happening to them, so they can help the lymph system by exercising and drinking fluids.

My other goal is to expose the dangers of plastic sutures and to see the return of animal-based sutures that will truly dissolve. And to show that plastic is not permanent, nor does it dissolve.

Update, 2016... I had plastic coming out of sores on my scalp until 2014 when my head healed up. Then the plastic came out of sores on my arms, and also from any small injury I got that broke the skin.

Mange Mites

Mange mites can infect humans. Mange mites are specific to dogs, but can live off other mammals' blood for three weeks. When the environment is infested with mange mites, a person can be continuously attacked by new mites. The ensuing sores and itchiness can go on indefinitely. Many Doctors think that mange mites can't infect or affect humans. They will diagnose mange mite sores as exema and blame it on "scratching", mental problems, stress or dust mites. Mange mite "allergy" means that some people in the family are invaded by mites more than others. Mites prefer young light- skinned females as new prey. The "bites" at first will often be concentrated in one area of the body, often the legs. Then overtime, the mites will migrate to other parts of the body and the sores will spread. Mange mites are barely visible, walk like crabs, and are actually spiders(Arachnids).

They are most active when the sun goes down. During the hours of dusk, through the night, and during the hours of dawn, until the sun comes out. Mange mites bore under the skin and lay eggs, and when the babies crawl out, they go to a tender place on the skin to make a new tunnel or they go to a another bore hole that hasn't healed over, and lay their eggs in it. Some sores will heal, but new ones will open up because new mites come in from the yard (they fit through the screen mesh) and crawl on everybody at night. Even people who don't get bites will be experiencing a disturbed sleep that may not actually wake them. People with extremely itchy open sores will certainly be sleep deprived. Chronic sleep deprivation can cause schizophrenia, attention deficit problems, learning disabilities, aggression, depression, lethargy, etc.

Mange mites also cause flu-like symptoms, staph, and the over-activation of the immune and nervous systems. Some Doctors think that the stress you are feeling is the cause of the disease. Actually, it is very healthy and natural to feel very concerned and "stressed" if you have spiders living on and under your skin. The cure for mange mite disease and infestation is all about cleaning up the environment. The source of the affliction is dogs. All animals including dogs, must be kept outside. Build a shed with a heater in it if you must, but don't ever let the dog or any other animal inside your house or car. Remove everything out from under the house. Hose and rake the dirt under there and enclose it with lattice or wood slats so that animals can't get under there. In the yard, cut the grass short and water it.

Remove foliage near the house. Mites like dark areas, dry dirt, dust, brush, shade, and junk piles they can hide under. Cars need to be stripped of rugging and treated with insecticide. Mange mites can live for weeks without eating. They can live temporarily on the blood of cats, rats, mice, mongoose, livestock, humans, etc. Remove animal habitats from the yard. The inside of the house should be like a hospital. Seal the building with door thresholds, put 1/4 wire mesh over the screens if necessary, caulking, etc. so that rats and mice can't get inside. Remove all the rugs, box springs, upholstered or stuffed furniture, and bedding that is too big to fit in the washing machine. Use layered bedding and wash weekly. Use futons or mattresses that are up off the floor on slat platforms for beds and couches, so you can mop underneath. Put the futons and mattresses in the sun from the time to time, and buy new ones when they get old. Mop the floors often. Open the curtains during the day to get light into the rooms. Remove all clutter and dust.

When the environment is mite-free, the healing of all the sores will take only three to six weeks. You will be completely healed, with only whitish scars to show from your ordeal. Health is our greatest wealth. If a child is suffering from mite bites it is very important to make the health and well-being of the child a much greater priority than the sentimental feelings you may have for an animal. Get rid of the animals or at least keep them out of the house and car. A fenced yard with a dog house may be necessary. A vet can provide a series of treatments for your dog that include complete submersion in mange medicine. If your yard is not cleaned and maintained as described as above, do not let your child go into the yard. the mites hide in tall grass and underbrush, and will jump on to your child's feet and legs, especially at dawn, dusk, night, and on dark cloudy days.

Scratching does not cause mite bites. When pigs get invaded by mange mites, the farmer scrapes off the top layer of skin to relieve the pigs. So please don't get angry at a child for scratching an itch. Correct the situation and the child will not feel itchy and will have no reason to scratch. The health and social repercussions from having open sores and sleep deprivation can be very severe and damaging. Use your knowledge and intelligence to over-ride your emotions about animals, so you can make the decisions that are best for your child's health and happiness. Animals are way less evolved than humans and should never be held in higher regard. Global warming is making pestilence more prevalent. Please share this information about mange mites. Knowledge is power and self-healing is free.

Electric Massage Machine

(The Machine is called a "TENS UNIT")

To: Chiropractors of Maui,

In 2008 I had six weeks of treatment at an M.D.'s office. The treatment for lower back pain was an electric massage pad placed on my lower back. During this time I became extremely weak and I told the Doctor so, but I didn't connect it to the treatments. Then, after a cold swim my kidneys went into extremely painful contraction-like seizures and my urine turned dark brown and was severely diminished. I realized then that the machine's electricity had damaged my kidneys. It has taken years to somewhat recover the strength and health I lost, and my kidneys are still sensitive.

This letter is not about suing anyone, it's about helping others. Because last year I spoke with a friend who had complete kidney failure which had been a mystery to everyone, until I told her about my kidney problems and she realized that her kidney problems started after under-going the same electric massage machine treatments. She almost died and had to have a kidney transplant from her brother.

Doctors, if you are using this machine, please look into this. The tiny electric shocks are cauterizing the very tiny delicate vessels in the kidneys. I will be happy to speak to you in person about this. It is most important to prevent this from happening to anybody else. There are delicate internal organs just under the muscle, and I know for a fact that my kidneys or ureters were damaged by the machine, and so were my friend's. We were both very healthy and do not drink or take pills, and we both suddenly almost died!

So let's get this situation corrected before anyone else is injured.


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Alcohol Addiction: Diet cure for alcoholism, vertigo, tremors, bi-polar disorder, mood swings, and hypoglycemia.

Dictionary definitions:

Alcohol: 1. One of the products of distillation of fermented grains, fruit, juices and starches. The two principle forms are ethyl and methyl alcohol. 2. The intoxicating principle of wines and liquors, ehtyl alcohol.

Fermentation: 1. Chem. THe gradual decomposition of organic compounds indeuced by the action of various ferments; specifically the conversion of glucose into ethyl alcohol through the action of zymase.

Glucose: Obtained by the hydrolisis of startch and other carbohydrates.

Zymase: An enzyme obtained principally from yeast, that incduces fermentation by breaking down glucose and related carbohydrates into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

Zyme: a disease germ or virus supposed to be the specific cause of zymotic disease. A bacterial organism that produces enzymes or fermentation. A substance that developes into an enzyme when suitably activated as in the stomach or pancreas.


Alcoholics are defined as people who can't stop drinking if they have one drink. If disease or heredity cause too much much alcohol

to be made in our stomach, we become "drunk" on certain foods, then unable to resist drinking alcohol. Alcoholism and vertigo can be

controlled by avoiding grains, starches, fruits, sugars, and yeast. All types of alcohol help keep arteries clear by reducing the

stickyness of blood platelets- tiny blood cells taht can cling to the fatty deposits in the arteries and promote clogging. Coffee has

the same benefit. To reduce stickyness of blood platelets, avoid eating manufactured oils. People have been eating animal fat for

thousands of years, but only recently started eating manufactured oils, which are made from non-edible substances on the same

assembly line as varnish. American cheese is only one molecule different from plastic. Cholesterol is also an alcohol and coffee has

cholesterol in it! And soda is made with the same fermentation process as champagne, and is a "light" form of alcohol. So, alcoholics

who struggle with cravings may still be slightly addicted to alcohol, and feel the need to go to AA meetings for many years after

quitting alcohol drinks. Alcohol is addictive in any form.